Travel to Les Deux Alpes: Time for a Road Trip…

Travel to Les Deux Alpes: Time for a Road Trip….

Prefer not to fly?  Looking for something door to door?  Flights from your area too expensive?

Travel by coach or car to Rise this winter…


Road Trip

Take it easy, kick back and relax during a scenic drive through to the French mountains. No waiting around for others to board a flight or get on a bus, just jump in the car and hit the road. Travelling by car means taking the journey to France at your own pace, whether you want to get there ASAP or plan an interesting route (which we can help with), visiting some of France’s hidden gems en route to your final destination. Get your crew together and split costs for the cheapest way to travel to Rise 2018, and make a road trip of it! The journey can be completed without stopping, but we recommend a stop at Calais, Dijon or Lyon to take in some French culture or even pick up a few Christmas presents for friends and family back home. Before you head off, here are some top tips:


  • Ensure your car is up for the trip; carry out all regular vehicular checks
  • Check your insurance
  • Plan your route in advance to reduce the chance of getting lost (make sure your sat nav works!!)
  • Familiarise yourself with rules and regulations in France for driving (we recommend reading:
  • Park in allocated spaces in resort – we will send you this information once you let us know you are going by car so your car is parked safely for the week
  • Be prepared for winter snow conditions, and carry snow chains in your vehicle
  • Have correct money ready for tolls
  • Sat Nav address: 4 Place des 2 Alpes, 38860 Montdelans, France



Designed for those looking for a thrifty adventure with a group of Rise go-ers who want to start the party early. We run door to door coach travel from a number of major UK cities via ferry all the way to Les 2 Alpes and back home again in time for Christmas. The multi-destination service has accessible pick up points across the UK, so you are looked after from the minute you’re picked up in the until we return you home the following week. Coach travel is typically lower risk in terms of travel delays, with looser time restrictions and no waiting around in fear of missing your slot. Our reliable service is quick to board, getting us on route as soon as possible with luggage allowances included in your coach ticket. Not only is this a lot cheaper than other options, but memories are created along the way and friends are made. For those of you travelling solo, the coach is the perfect way to meet people specifically travelling to the festival. What better way to get excited for a festival than travelling to it with forty other like minded people? What’s more, with no need for airplane mode you can stay up to date with our app, hype build up and Instagram updates as you travel.

Once you arrive at Rise 2018, put your feet up. There is excellent public transport throughout the resort that you can use for free with your lift pass.