How To Bust a Move in Your Boots

Let’s be honest, dancing in your ski boots is a skill. On your average dance floor, you might be busting moves left right and centre with the grace and sass of Beyoncé. But put your heavy boots on and climb up onto a tabletop at après and it’s a whole other story.  Need some inspiration for some boss moves to add to your après repertoire? Look no further. Whack on some tunes and get practising in front of your bedroom mirror with these handy tips.

For the Two Left Feet’ers:

Okay for you guys who aren’t good with your feet, arm movements are key. Forget about your bottom half, the top half is where it’s at. Think Saturday Night Fever, think the Macarena, think the funky chicken. Whether you click, shimmy or fist pump, what you lack in lower body coordination, you’ll deffo make up for in upper body grooves. Let it aaaaaall go…


Remember – Your Hips Don’t Lie:

Taking it up a notch, it’s time to get those hips involved. There’s a lot of hip movement variations, from a simple swing to a more advanced rotation. Start where you feel most comfortable but after a couple of bevs you’ll be channelling your inner Shakira making sure everyone at après knows that your hips most definitely do not lie. Shake it ’till you make it!


The Trusty Two-Step:

This is literally just stepping from side to side to the beat, so there’s no excuse really. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not add some of the above moves so you look like you really know what you’re doing.


So You Think You’re a Pro…

If you’re thinking all of the above is a walk in the park, here’s where we offer you a challenge. Incorporating both hips and a shoulder wiggle, make the man himself proud, MC Hammer that is. Actually, even if you’re not a pro, the beauty of the hammer dance is that it is so gloriously bad it will have even the expert movers looking like total idiots. Stop – hammer time.


And there you have it. You’re now primed and ready to strut your stuff and showcase your newfound dancing abilities. Go get it dancing queens.