3-Day Tickets Are Here!!

Rise FOMO is a real and serious condition. We estimate that it affects 10 out of 10 of the people sitting at home watching our Riser’s insta stories wishing there was a way that they too could be living their best life in the mountains. We’ve decided to tackle FOMO head-on by introducing our 3-day ticket; a smaller but no less action-packed dose of adventure that is easier to squeeze into your busy schedules.

*Side effects may include: intense feelings of excitement, possible hangover symptoms on at least one morning, and guaranteed post-Rise blues.

We like looking at life through “glass half full” tinted sunnies. So for half the time at Rise, you pay a fraction of the price! It’s cost-effective. We get that money can be tight, but with a 3-day ticket, you can still get involved without blowing your budget. You also won’t have your boss on your back for taking too many days off work. That way, you can still earn those quids and get ’em saved to make sure you’re with us for the whole shabang next year!

So spread the word! The cure for Rise FOMO is here and available to everyone who needs their fix of epic music, snow and adventure.